PE1550 nose-diving sensor

nathan r. hruby nathan at
Fri Mar 7 08:51:00 CST 2003

On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 02:41 AM, Neil Spring wrote:

> I've had lm-sensors running on ten PE 1550's running Debian
> for at least a year now.  It works great when the A/C fails
> and the temperature sensors complain.  Over the past few
> weeks, I've watched the warnings fly over the "2.5V" sensor
> on lm81-i2c-0-2d.  I wondered if anyone on the list happens
> to know what that's wired to and whether I should be
> concerned.

Hey, I have a pe1550 and would just love to run lm_sensors.  Do you 
have any documentation about this?  I was under the assumption that 
once needed to use the OMSA package for reading sensors on this box.  
Or perhaps I'm missing something.

As far as the 2.5v sensors oddness, I got nuthin' other than 'it's the 
battery :)' or perhaps the powersupply.


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