[OT] PowerConnect 5012/Multicast IP

Chris Pascoe c.pascoe at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Mar 6 00:20:01 CST 2003


Sorry for the mildly off-topic post (we are using Dell Precision
workstations as Linux clients though!), but I know of nowhere better to ask:

If you are successfully using a PowerConnect 5012 (or 3024 or 3048) with
Firmware v6.0.4 in a Multicast IP environment with the IGMP (snooping)
option enabled on the switch can you please contact me off-list?

We're finding that as soon as we turn the IGMP option on the switch ceases
to forward the IGMP queries from our router to the clients, the router never
sees any responses to its queries, and all multicast flows get shut off.


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