PE2500 with RedHat v8.0 experiencing high load and hanging/lockups

jason andrade jason at
Wed Mar 5 18:38:01 CST 2003

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Peter Smith wrote:

> According to afacli it is "Controller Firmware: (Build #3153)" but is
> the same revision as my other server (which does not have any issues.)
>  The only other differences between the two could possibly be processor
> type/speed, types of NICs in use (non-gigabit in use on both,) and one
> more hard-drive in the other (happy) server.  Perhaps I simply need to
> start the trial-and-error phase?  I can try upgrading the kernel (from
> 2.4.18-24.8.0smp to 2.4.18-26.8.0smp,) downgrading Squid (from
> 2.5stable1-2 to 2.4stable2-1,) and/or upgrading the raid firmware rev
> (from 3153 to 3170.)  Any other suggestions?  I'm going to try all the
> above over the next week, hopefully, and I'll let the list know what
> happens.

i would leave squid alone and do the other two upgrades.  perhaps do some
testing in this order:

o upgrade the kernel - see what happens, if it fixes the problem, great.
o then upgrade the raid firmware and see if that fixes the problem.

i would ask on the squid list if anyone has problems with squid2.5stable1-2
on linux, but i would suprised if that is what is causing the lockups
(unless it is tickling a bug in some other part of the OS/hardware)



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