Is anyone using a PE2650 as an NFS server for UNIX clients????

jason andrade jason at
Wed Mar 5 16:58:00 CST 2003

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Heflin, Roger A. wrote:

> Does redhat add nfs patches to their kernels?

yes i believe they do (e.g there is NFS over TCP in the redhat
2.4.18 kernels which i don't think is in stock).  but i don't
think it applies all of trond's stuff, perhaps a subset of that.

> There are alot of nfs patches from 2.4.18 to the current release that solve
> lots of nfs problems.
> We are running 2.4.20+NFSALL on our 2650's and not having any nfs
> issues.

that's good to hear.  it gives me some hope that when redhat get around to
upgrading the system (supported) kernels to 2.4.20 that nfs performance
will have improved significantly from the current.



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