[Fwd: Changin password for ERA]

Heather Guse hguse at dpnsecurity.com
Wed Mar 5 16:43:00 CST 2003

Which password are you trying to change, that you can't change from the console?

Hauns Froehlingsdorf (hfroehlingsdorf at pixius.com) wrote:
>My name is Hauns Froehlingsdorf, I am the systems/network manager for
>Pixius Communications in Minneapolis, MN.
>We just received a Dell PowerEdge 2650 Tag number FZSBC21 in the mail
>yesterday new.
>We need to get this server in production tomorrow, I just installed
>RH8.0 on it and need to get the Remote Access Software configured on
>this so that we can change the usernmae and password.
>Dan has informed me to contact you and you would be able to assist in
>the install/configuration of this.
>Look forward to your help!
>-----Forwarded Message-----
>From: Daniel_Joyner at Dell.com
>To: hauns at pixius.com
>Subject: Changin password for ERA
>Date: 05 Mar 2003 14:00:18 -0600
>linux-poweredge at dell.com will be able to help configure the new password for
>your ERA on your server.
>Dan Joyner
>Dell Server Support
>Hauns Froehlingsdorf
>Network/Systems Manager - Minneapolis
>Amateur: KI0GU
>Pixius Communications, LLC
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