PE2500 with RedHat v8.0 experiencing high load and hanging/lockups

Peter Smith peter.smith at
Wed Mar 5 16:23:00 CST 2003

Woops, make that a PERC3/Di...  Sorry.

Anyone having any sudden high-load, raid-driver-related problems with 
this kernel?


Peter Smith wrote:

> This is an odd issue which is why I'm notifying/contacting the list.
> I have a PE2500 which, up until about 1 1/2 weeks ago, was running 
> RedHat v7.1 without a hitch or hiccup.  Since things were going so 
> well, I decided it was high time to upgrade to RedHat v8.0 .  At the 
> same time, I upgraded Squid, its main application.  Keep in mind this 
> PE2500 is an older unit, shipped on 9/5/2001, and it is using a PERC 
> 2/Di.  The reason I upgraded it is I have another, newer, PE2500 which 
> has been running RedHat v8.0 and my newer Squid (all same software 
> revs) using the same PERC 2/Di but in a newer box, shipped 3/26/2002.
> The problem I am having is that the failing machine is experiencing 
> massive load (>1000) at certain somewhat cyclic times.  I reboot this 
> particular machine every morning at 3:00am.  I don't believe the 
> massive load has to do with anything other than drive access.  It 
> seems the raid driver is sometimes taking up too much time and can 
> lock up the machine. Only one other time did I have a problem which 
> seemed unrelated to the raid driver--recently after it rebooted at 
> 3:00am it got stuck attempting to initialize the AIC7XXX driver at 
> startup.  I understand this is somewhat of a known issue (but for 
> RedHat v8?) and I'm working on getting the newest newest happiest 
> AIC7XXX driver installed, so this probably isn't too much of a 
> problem.  However, I am running the RedHat '2.4.18-24.8.0smp' kernel 
> and am still experiencing massive load problems (which I used to not 
> see when running RedHat v7.1 on this box.) I'll be setting up the 
> newest newest kernel '2.4.18-26.8.0smp' probably tonight and will give 
> that a whirl.  I have a feeling that unless the Aacraid driver has 
> been changed I'll experience the same problems.  I see no massive-load 
> or hangs on my other machine at this time.
> The only other thing is this machine is using the on-board Eepro card 
> and two add-on 3c905's.  I've left the configuration on these fairly 
> generic.  Plus, nothing, as far as network goes, changed in the 
> upgrade to RedHat v8.0 .
> Any ideas?  Pointers?  More data?  I'm fairly stumped...  I suppose at 
> the worst, I could maybe learn how to hook up a remote kernel 
> profiler/debugger to get some real numbers on it..  When running 
> "iostat" it looks like this box does a lot more raid-driver service 
> time than all the other boxes which leads me to believe it is a 
> raid-driver (aacraid) issue again.
> Thank you in advance...
> Peter Smith
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