[Fwd: Changin password for ERA]

Hauns Froehlingsdorf hfroehlingsdorf at pixius.com
Wed Mar 5 14:06:01 CST 2003

My name is Hauns Froehlingsdorf, I am the systems/network manager for
Pixius Communications in Minneapolis, MN.

We just received a Dell PowerEdge 2650 Tag number FZSBC21 in the mail
yesterday new.

We need to get this server in production tomorrow, I just installed
RH8.0 on it and need to get the Remote Access Software configured on
this so that we can change the usernmae and password.

Dan has informed me to contact you and you would be able to assist in
the install/configuration of this.

Look forward to your help!


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From: Daniel_Joyner at Dell.com
To: hauns at pixius.com
Subject: Changin password for ERA
Date: 05 Mar 2003 14:00:18 -0600


linux-poweredge at dell.com will be able to help configure the new password for
your ERA on your server. 

Dan Joyner
Dell Server Support


Hauns Froehlingsdorf
Network/Systems Manager - Minneapolis
Amateur: KI0GU
Pixius Communications, LLC

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