raid on RedHat 7.2 distro

Matt rudmann at
Wed Mar 5 09:36:01 CST 2003


I am attempting to get raid working on my Dell 500sc Poweredge server. 
 I am using RedHat 7.2 for the OS.  The controller that Dell shipped 
is a CERC ATA100/4ch.  I have 3 40gb IDEs.

Here is what I did so far:
1) Installed RedHat using the Dell ServerAssistant install CD.  I 
selected RAID 5 at the appropriate point during this Dell utility.

2) I have unpartitioned space on the hard drive(s) now (about 67 gb).

1) Is hardware RAID automatically active now or do I need to install 
drivers, configure partitions, etc. to use RAID?  I am OK if hardware 
RAID is working transparently.
2) How can I determine that RAID is working?
3) How do I properly create and format a new partition on the server 
so that it is part of the RAID?  Or, is the hardware RAID already 
turned on?  

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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