Is anyone using a PE2650 as an NFS server for UNIX clients????

Mansell, Gary GRMansell at
Wed Mar 5 07:45:00 CST 2003

My messages file is getting swamped with errors that I believe are coming the NFS server subsystem on the Linux server. If anyone is using a PE2650 as an NFS server to UNIX clients please can you look in the messages file on the Linux server to see if you are getting the following errors:

Feb 25 05:08:18 dfgsrv kernel: svc: bad direction 256, dropping request
Feb 25 05:08:58 dfgsrv last message repeated 6 times
Feb 25 05:10:02 dfgsrv last message repeated 11 times
Feb 25 05:11:02 dfgsrv last message repeated 10 times
Feb 25 05:12:02 dfgsrv last message repeated 10 times

If so, please can you respond telling me which architecture client(s) you are serving NFS services to so that I can narrow down the cause of the problem. I have been working with Redhat on this for a while but to date have got nowhere.

My hypothesis is that one particular type of UNIX client is having trouble communicating properly with my RH 7.3 Linux server (2.4.18-18.7.xsmp). I have had no reports back from the users of the NFS client workstations that things are not working correctly but I am getting thousands of messages swamping my messages file and this may be affecting performance.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Gary Mansell
Senior Technical Analyst
IT Department
Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd.

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