Poweredge 4650,network,remote access controller

Michael Arndt M.Arndt at science-computing.de
Mon Mar 3 11:18:01 CST 2003


some issues concerning Poweredge 4650 an Redhat 8.0:

first: the gigabit ethernet cards are supported by a generic redhat
      Is there a specialized driver avaliable (stability, 
       and performance is a important issue, linux cluster)

       Cards are Broadcom 5701 Gigabit NIC
       The selected driver Tigon 3 (tg3) is somewhat surprising .. 

second: how ist Dell embedded Remote access controller 1.23 supported
        by redhat 8.0 or some additional modules ? 
        Where can i find info ?
        E.g. cabling, how to access RAC when power is of ...        
        Can the preconfigured IP be changed ?



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