Slackware 8.1 on Poweredge 4100/200 w/ PERC trlists at
Mon Mar 3 09:22:01 CST 2003

On 1 Mar 2003 Matt Domsch wrote:

> > need to boot with support for BOTH the Adaptec and PERC controllers -- 
> > right?
> Right.  You may be best off starting from a Slackware 8.1 CD instead of
> from boot floppies.  The CD should have both the megaraid driver (for
> your RAID controller) and the aic7xxx driver (for your SCSI controller
> which has your CD attached) on it.

Just thought I'd give you the followup on this.  I found a solution but 
it is a little different than the above.  The Slackware CD does have 
boot images for both megaraid (raid.s) and Adaptec (adaptec.s) but the 
former will not handle the Adaptec controller (and hence can't see the 
SCSI CD-ROM) and the latter will not handle the RAID controller and 
can't see the array.

I found a solution -- it required another Linux system, which I 
fortunately had (and if I hadn't had another system I would have had to 
borrow one anyway, to create a boot disk).  I don't know how orthodox 
it is, but it works!

Here's what I came up, posted in case anyone else can use it:

    - Create a floppy on another Linux system containing aic7xxx.o. 

    - Boot from the Slackware CD and load raid.s.  This boots with a
    ramdisk as root, and the array will be visible as sda.

    - At the prompt, mount the floppy (this uses /mnt2 as /mnt on the
    ramdisk has a caution about not using it during boot to mount your
    own devices, which I respected):

            mkdir /mnt2
            mkdir /mnt2/floppy
            mount -t ext2 /dev/fd0 /mnt2/floppy

    - Load aic7xxx.o: 

            insmod /mnt2/floppy/aic7xxx.0

    - Unmount the floppy: 

            umount /mnt2/floppy

    - Run the standard slackware install and let it search for the
    CD-ROM, it will find it. 

A couple of other things I learned form experience ... the reverse 
(boot with the adaptec.s kernel and try to load the megaraid module 
from the floppy with insmod) does not work -- after the insmod /dev/sda 
is not present and the array cannot be accessed.  Also, you have to 
unmount the floppy or you will not be able to create the boot disk 
during the install.

 Tom Rawson

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