Recommendations on Serial Console Servers

XosÉ Vazquez xose at
Sun Mar 2 16:34:01 CST 2003


>Hi, this is a little off-topic, although it has been discussed on this
>list in the past. I'm gathering information on serial console servers,
>and was wondering if there are any vendors you could recommend, and
>why? The big names I've found are Cyclades, Cisco, Digi, and Lantronix.
>The Lantronix SCS3200 looks good, and reasonably priced, but I haven't
>had a chance to do an RFP to all the vendors (pretty hard to find a
>price on-line...). It would be really helpful if I could know who to >
>add to, or eliminate from, my list.

The _best_ (with LiNUX inside) are Cyclades-TS Series ->

Galiza nin perdoa nin esquence. Governo demision!

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