afaapps-2.6-0 and disk hotswap

kris carlier kris at
Sun Mar 2 14:34:01 CST 2003

> I configured hardware RAID5 on a Poweredge, and would like to test the
> hot swap of hard drives. I downloaded afaapps-2.6-0.tar.gz and am now
> experimenting with it.
> I wondered if I had to put a disk "offline" before taking it out of the
> box. (I don't see any command for that, but prefere to ask here before
> experimenting too much ;-)

- just pull it out
- insert a new one
- container set global_failover xxxxx where the xxx indicates the position
of the just-replaced disk

2) I don't remember out of the head, but help is your friend: enclosure
prepare xxxx, look at the lights on the disk, after a few moments it'll
stop, then switch to 1)


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