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Sun Mar 2 14:17:01 CST 2003

Do 'enclosure show slot' and then the corresponding channel slot that you
want to pull then do 'enclosure prepare slot 0 0' (which is id0 channel 0)
and it will spin the drive down for that slot and can then pull and then do
the same command again after it's out and it will bring the slot back up and
then realize the drive is missing.

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Hi all,

I configured hardware RAID5 on a Poweredge, and would like to test the
hot swap of hard drives. I downloaded afaapps-2.6-0.tar.gz and am now
experimenting with it. 

I wondered if I had to put a disk "offline" before taking it out of the
box. (I don't see any command for that, but prefere to ask here before
experimenting too much ;-)


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