Slackware 8.1 on Poweredge 4100/200 w/ PERC trlists at
Sat Mar 1 09:37:01 CST 2003

Thanks much for the quick response!

> Yes, if you have a PERC (dual-channel Wide SCSI controller, not PERC2
> quad-channel card) then it uses the megaraid driver.

Yes, it is a dual-channel as far as I can tell.  During the boot it 
scans channel 0 units 0-15 and then channel 1, and that's it.  It 
identifies itself as PERC or sometimes as "PowerEdge II Raid 
Controller" which I presume is PERC II -- but it is not PERC 2.

> Right.  You may be best off starting from a Slackware 8.1 CD instead of
> from boot floppies.  The CD should have both the megaraid driver (for
> your RAID controller) and the aic7xxx driver (for your SCSI controller
> which has your CD attached) on it.

I have the downloaded CD which does not appear to have both, but I 
couldn't get that far as there was apparently a short-lived version of 
the AIC7xxx drivers which has a bug that causes a "Kernel panic: Loop 
1" during boot.  The CD has that problem -- the boot floppy does not.

> Worst case, you can build a custom boot floppy with both those drivers
> on it.

I figured that might be the ultimate solution ... I just will have to 
get the other Linux machine up and running first to do it.

 Tom Rawson

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