Slackware 8.1 on Poweredge 4100/200 w/ PERC

Tom Rawson trawson at
Sat Mar 1 08:22:00 CST 2003

Just posted this to the web-based forums but now I see this list, which 
looks like a better venue ...

I've got one of these systems and I'm trying to install Linux 
(Slackware 8.1 / kernel 2.4.18). The RAID controller is the AMI 
(megaraid) PERC, 4 each 9 GB disks configured as 27 GB RAID 5 array, 
all as a single drive which I will partition within Linux.  

I have read a lot of online sources and am quite confused about how to 
find the right drivers and boot disk image to get it up and running -- 
partly because the documents all refer to Red Hat version numbers.

The standard adaptec.s boot disk appears to recognize the onboard 7860 
and PCI 7880 controllers, and the SCSI CD-ROM, but I can't see the RAID 
drive in /dev once booted. I'm not sure if the problem is that I need 
to update support for the RAID controller (though the reading I've done 
suggests it is supported in 2.4.18) or if there is a configuration 
problem elsewhere.

I see the megaraid.s boot disk available from slack, but its 
description is " Supports AMI MegaRAID 428 and 438 (and maybe 466), 
SCSI host adapters." which does not sound like the 4100 PERC -- plus I 
need to boot with support for BOTH the Adaptec and PERC controllers -- 

Thanks for any help ...

 Tom Rawson

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