compiling kernel

Marc Schmitt schmitt at
Sat Mar 1 05:26:00 CST 2003

Hi Eric,

Have a look at /etc/modules.conf, it contains the list of drivers 
(modules) that the system needs to boot from a SCSI controller.
Use mkinitrd to create the initrd image ('mkinitrd 
/boot/initrd-2.4.20.img 2.4.20') and add this to grub. If kernel 2.4.20 
has a driver for you SCSI controller, mkinitrd will put it into 
initrd-2.4.20.img, now the kernel will be able to load it *before* it 
tries to switch to the root FS on the SCSI disk => no more kernel panic.



Eric Phillips wrote:

> I have a dell poweredge 1600sc and put redhat 8 on it and was trying 
> to compile a 2.4.20 kernel for it but keep getting a kernel panic at 
> boot.  I think I'm missing the scsi controller which is the lsi 
> ultra320 scsi controller or something is wrong in grub.  I also notice 
> that I don't have a modules info file that corresponds to the new 
> kernel.  I do have the .img and vmlinuz though.
> Is there a good way to find out what drivers I need and where to get 
> them so I can compile the kernel with the right drivers?
> On an unrelated note, anyone here use the atalk services and use 
> QuarkXpress?  I noticed there was an issue with that program saving 
> files properly on the server and was wondering if someone knew a 
> workaround?
> Thanks everyone for your time
> Eric :)

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