lightweight agent that reads OMSA like data?

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Fri Jan 31 19:13:01 CST 2003

We cut out the snmp agent, and the web interface, that leaves
2 program with a total of about 8 threads.   Look in the startup
code for the 2 programs and if a certain file exists the startup
scripts won't start the snmp stuff.   The 8 remain threads are
still far from lightweight, but the are alot less that what it 
starts with.  The tool is rather overweight for exactly what it
does.   Probably a deficiency because of them using java.

Then you can use omreport to print out the info for processing
by something else.  Therre are a several different selectalbe
output formats, a couple look good for humans, a couple look
good for programs.

It would be nice if omreport ran as a cli (like afacli) so then
monitoring processes could popen omreport and just feed
it commands and process the returned output, is is somewhat
annoying (and resource intensive) to be shipping out 8 or 
so omreport commands every sampling timeperiod, and it
is a bit harder to manage.


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> Subject:	lightweight agent that reads OMSA like data?
> Hello fellow admins,
> I'm currently wrestling installing omsa on some 1650's running Redhat
> 7.1/2.4.18-17.7 and 7.1/2.4.9-34 and not having much luck. I found lots of
> useful information on how I can probably get that going, but from what I
> know of it so far, it really is overkill for what I need to monitor.
> Basically the ucd-snmp agent provides what I need, except for fan speed
> and internal temp. Is there an easier way to get that information using
> the ucd-snmp or gosh, even an perl script?
> Barring that, a nice rpm that loads the OSMA stuff for these kernels might
> help. One that doesn't require large packages, like say an X server, to
> install would be great.
> Thanks for your help,
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