dog slow i/o performance with redhat kernel 2.4.18 colbey at
Fri Jan 31 15:02:01 CST 2003

I just installed the very same server 2 days ago... I was running 2.4.18
(default with distro install) and noticed a bit of lag while uncompressing
the 2.4.20 kernel for a custom compile.. but after it was installed i
haven't seen it since..

I haven't done alot with the box yet..   I'd check changelog for .18 ->
.20 perhaps..

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, brien wrote:

> hi,
> i posted this on the dell aacraid mailing list with no response.  hopefully
> someone here can help me troubleshoot this.
> i've recently upgraded from the redhat linux 2.4.9 kernel to 2.4.18 and
> noticed a very large degradation in performance which seems to be due to
> slow disk i/o.  my setup is a dell 2450, 2x 866 P3, 2GB RAM, Perc 3/Si,
> RAID 1+0.  the server is serving IMAP and NFS.  it looks like the IMAP disk
> i/o which used to be a blip on the radar is now killing the machine.
> i've upgraded to the latest 2.7.1 firmware and this didn't solve the
> problem.  i don't have any scsi related errors in any logs.  has something
> changed with the aacraid driver between these kernel versions?  is this a
> known issue and is it being addressed?
> thanks,
> brien
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