changing write policy on PERCs Matt_Domsch at
Wed Jan 29 23:04:00 CST 2003

> I'm having write performance problems on a PE 2300 (ROMB) and

PE2300 doesn't have a ROMB.  Maybe you mean 2400?

> a PE 6300 (PERC 2/SC), and am considering changing the write 
> policies from the default write-thru to write-back.
Only if you have a battery-backed cache will the firmware let you do this.
Neither PE2400 ROMB nor PERC2/SC have such.

> Can I do this without endangering the data on the containers?

If you have a battery-backed cache and you're sure to let it get flushed to
disk sometime (say, even following a hard reset) then yes.  On a normal
shutdown the driver will try to write out the cache if needed too.

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