Long Boot Time

Jeremy_Sheard@Dell.com Jeremy_Sheard at Dell.com
Wed Jan 29 21:24:01 CST 2003

>Thanks for the quick response.  


>Are there any plans to provide a BIOS option (as an upgrade maybe?) to skip
>the memory test, or to speed up the memory test?  We have a requirement
>the government to have a cold boot -> processing time of 5 minutes.  If it
>takes more than 5 minutes to even starting booting the OS, then we will not
>be able to use Dell Servers for this.

Only other way to for the server to boot faster will be to disable any
on-board devices you are not using in the BIOS and/or remove any PCI Cards
you have in the server that are not being used other than hitting the
"spacebar" to bypass the memory count.

The server will take a little longer to POST on a cold-boot than a
warm-boot.  Reason:  The HD's have to spin back up completely from an

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