e1000 issues on poweredge 600sc ...

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 29 16:51:01 CST 2003

At 14:19 29-1-2003 -0600, Kenn Murrah wrote:
>Greetings ...
>I'm attempting to install Debian Linux on my new Poweredge 600SC ... all is
>well except for the NIC, for which I can find no drivers ....  Should I:
>1. Install a different NIC, and if so, which one, to get around the problem?
>2. Switch to Red Hat, for which an e1000 module comes on the installation CD

You don''t have to switch anything. Download the e1000 driver from the 
intel site or use 2.4.20 which has e1000 available by default. You could 
try and see if there is a newer kernel package for debian available.

If there is no 2.4.20 linux kernel package around for debian (perhaps in 
unstable/testing) the best option is the "compile the driver yourself" path.

Someone else already commented on this.


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