Cleaning Tape on PowerVault 122T

Karl Zander KZander at
Wed Jan 29 16:00:00 CST 2003

I am trying to understand if there is anyway to automate use of the 
cleaning tape on a PowerVault 122T.  The PowerVault 122T is a DLT with an 8 
slot autoloader.  I am running this with a PowerEdge 1650 server running 
RedHat 7.3.

Using mtx I can load and unload tapes from the slots.  But I have not been 
able to get the cleaning tape to run.  From the push button menu on the 
front of the PowerVault I can get the cleaning tape to run.  But I would 
like to keep the cleaning tape loaded in slot 8 and cycle it through like 
the rest of the backup tapes.


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