Linux RedHat Advanced server 2.1 + PowerEdge 2600 (PERC4 Di)

Rick Root rick.root at
Wed Jan 29 10:43:01 CST 2003

Seth Mos wrote:
> The kernel from RHAS probably has drivers for similar controllers but is 
> probably not new enough to recognize the 4/Di. And I believe it uses the 
> megaraid driver and you need the newer 1.18[fg] or so.
> Just bad luck. Red Hat can make a driver disk with this driver included. 
> It should be possible. I don't have access to a RHAS media or kernel 
> sources. But I think the issue is more of a not certified/not tested == 
> not supported issue.

I was told by Red Hat support that Dell engineers are currently working
on a driver for RHAS (and those guys are PROBABLY on this list), and
they told me it would be at least a month before they were made

And we want a supportable machine, which is why we sent it back for
a 4600.

The 2600 will probably be certified when drivers are made available.

  - Rick

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