Linux RedHat Advanced server 2.1 + PowerEdge 2600 (PERC4 Di)

Rick Root rick.root at
Wed Jan 29 09:23:01 CST 2003

Chambraud, Guillaume wrote:
> I succeeded in installing a Suse8.1 on a such PowerEdge, even if the Suse8.1
> is not supported by Dell and that the Suse8.1 does not provide drivers for
> PERC 4 controller (see Tom's page) ...
> Why shouldn't it be possible with a RHAS ?

Well you had to have gotten drivers from SOMEWHERE.... not supported by 
Dell is not really a problem for me, but the complete lack of drivers 
for RHAS was a problem.  You can't install without drivers.  If you got 
it to install, then you either got drivers from somewhere, or Suse8.1 
came with drivers, or you just weren't using the Perc4/Di.

  - Rick

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