Linux RedHat Advanced server 2.1 + PowerEdge 2600 (PERC4 Di)

Rick Root rick.root at
Wed Jan 29 07:05:00 CST 2003

If your PowerEdge 2600 has a Perc 4/DI like mine did, you're
SOL.  Dell will not support (currently) the use of RHAS on
the 2600, as there are NO drivers yet available for the RAID

The Server Assistant CD that comes with the 2600 does NOT
include the ability to install RHAS.

We sent our 2600 back a few weeks ago, spent an additional
$800 (about) and got a PowerEdge 4600 instead.

The install for RHAS went pretty flawlessly on that platform
with the Perc 3/DI.

  - Rick

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