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I am presuming that you are talking about PowerApp 120 'Linux Edition' ? 
Are you talking about Red Hat's kickstart disk (ks.cfg) utility or Dell
developed kick-start utility. Two very different things(maybe the marketing
guys should have come up with something else to call it other than kickstart
and kick-start). 
If you are looking for dell kick-start (the initial appliance configuration
wizard), then you already have it on your hard drive's RP (reinstall
partition). If you re-image the box it automatically goes into kick-start
mode. if you are not planning on re-imaging your box, then it can be found
on the resource cd that must have shipped with your appliance.
If you are talking about Red Hat kick start/bootdisk, then you make a
bootdisk. the easiest way would be is to use the 'mkbootdisk' command. The
ks.cfg file can be generated by hand. Look up Red Hat KickStart HOWTO for a
list of all variables that can be used.
Amit B
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We are looking for a kickstart or boot disk for the Dell PowerApp 120
webserver. Do you know where we can download a copy?






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