Temperature Readings

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According to the MIB, the enterprises.674.10892.1.700.20.1.8 group defines
the location name of the sensor (Hardrive, Ambient(motherb), CPU 1, CPU 2,
etc..).  These all have the esm type of sensor thus the
"temperatureProbeType.1.1 = temperatureProbeTypeIsAmbientESM(3)" cryptic
message.  So yes motherboard temp readings.

enterprises.674.10892.1.700.20.1.10 defines the upper critical threshold of
the temprature probe.  So for example..

`snmpwalk enterprises.674.10892.1.700.20.1`
You will see
>........... = 3	# So ESM type of sensor
>........... = STRING: "Ambient" #Location of sensor; i.e on MB
>........... = STRING: INTEGER: 750 #This is the Upper critical
threashold of the probe
							  #In tenths of
Degrees Centigrade

Just become more familar with the MIB and you'll find lots of useful info.

Read ya,

Joshua Giles

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On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 04:49:32PM -0600, Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com wrote:
> You can download the MIB from dell.com... somewhere... I think there is
> somebody on the list that can tell you exactly, but you can probably just
> a search for MIBs for OMSA.

Yes, I have the MIB (they are in brecht's package), but it's not very
clear: temperatureProbeType.1.1 = temperatureProbeTypeIsAmbientESM(3)
temperatureProbeLocationName.1.1 = "Motherboard Ambient"

does that mean it's motherboard temp, and not CPU temp? Isn't 37-38
degrees C high then?

My question was rather: what would be normal ranges?

Kind Regards,
Frank Louwers

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