Temperature Readings

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You can download the MIB from dell.com... somewhere... I think there is
somebody on the list that can tell you exactly, but you can probably just do
a search for MIBs for OMSA.

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Hi List,

After getting the OMSA package to work with debian (<nl>Ik moet u een
pint, Brecht Samyn</nl>), I finaly have access to a few stats, eg. the
temperature. (.

Is that the CPU temp? The motherboard temp?

What would normal values be? The unit I have it installed on is a PE350
with a P3 850Mhz cpu on it. The readings I am getting, are between 370
and 380. That would be quite high if it were motherboard temps, but
quite low (I think) if it would be CPU temps.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Frank Louwers

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