OpenManage and Redhat 8.0

John McMonagle johnm at
Thu Jan 23 14:44:00 CST 2003


While were taking about Openmanage problems.... ;-)

I'm running rh7.3  with redhat's 2.4.18-17.7.xsmp kernel on pe2650

the pppd part of rascer keeps stopping
/etc/init.d/racser status
racser driver loaded properly
pppd is stopped

I need to do an  unload first to get the pppd part to start.

The same applies to -19 kernel also.

Pretty bad when the server management software is the least reliable software on 
the server :(

Also I hope that linux browser issue is dealt with on the esm.
I find it a real pain access a windows computer. We have all of our desktops 
and notebooks running linux.

While I am not totally happy with Dell I appreciate the assistance you provide.


Matt_Domsch at wrote:
>>Does OpenManage run on Redhat 8.0?
> Not yet.  It's still work in progress.  We'll announce here when it's
> available.
> -Matt
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