IDE / SCSI raid controller mix up

Alexander Deruwe aderuwe at
Thu Jan 23 10:14:00 CST 2003

Hey all,

We've bought a new PE1400SC last week. We specified a IDE RAID
controller (which is mentioned on the invoice) and 2 IDE hd's.
However, it seems that our PE1400SC got delivered with 2 IDE hd's and a
SCI RAID controller (by Adaptec).
I assume this will not work? ;) Is there anyway I can check for sure
that I have conflicting hardware?

The server reports alot of Adaptec SCSI stuff (the CTRL+A stuff and
all), and I can see the controllers on the hd's, so they're IDE.

Any pointers would be appreciated before I hassle customer care tomorrow

Thanks! (please cc me in replies)

Alexander Deruwe

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