2650 setup as an nfs server

lars@levonline.com lars at levonline.com
Thu Jan 23 04:36:00 CST 2003

I got an spare 2650 that I would like to set up as an NFS server. Disabling the
broadcom and putting in an eepro1000 seems like a good start since all the
trouble we are experiencing with the broadcom nics.

I'm thinking about buying a PERC 3/DC controller and setting up raid 5 over
five internal 73GByte disks.

Is the PERC 3/DC a good choice for this setup or should I go for something
else? I want to use the internal disks and not an external cabinet.

What kind of performance would this give me? The setup is on a gigabit switch.

My old NFS-server uses 30Mbit/sec on an average today, it peaks on about
65Mbit/sec (it serves lot of small files to a farm of web servers).

Any help is much appreciated


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