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The 600SC is indeed certified as Red Hat Ready for RH Linux 7.3 (I don't
know why it's not showing up on the HCL). The OS should work on that
platform without any issues.

As for 7.0, we haven't performed any testing on the 600SC with that OS. My
thoughts are that most of the integrated hardware on that platform will not
be supported by 7.0.

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I'm thinking about buying a handfull of cheap low-end servers with the

PowerEdge 600SC IDE
ServerWorks GC-SL chipset
1,7 Celeron Processor
512MB ram
Software or hardware IDE raid (haven't tested the IDE-hardware raid on this

I can't find theese machines under the Red Hat "Hardware Compatibility List"
and I'm intrested know if theese machines do run Red Hat 7.0 and Red Hat 7.3
without any big headaches or hangups? The usage will be running things such
snort, backup syslog machines and stuff like that that I want to separate
my main server farm without shelling out a lot of cash.

Best regards

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