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Tue Jan 21 11:31:00 CST 2003

From: Joshua_Giles at [mailto:Joshua_Giles at]

> >>What do I have to do to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to get 
> UCD-SNMP to see the
> Server Agent? Or >>should it "just work" once the Server 
> Agent is running?
> To allow Server Administrator to "connect" to the SNMP 
> agent(ucd or net),
> you will have to add the "smuxpeer" option to snmpd.conf.  
> Basically, Server
> Agent uses SMUX(subagent) to interact with SNMP.  The option 
> looks like
> this:
> "smuxpeer ."
> 10892 is Dell's IANA assigned enterprise number.
> The "smuxpeer" option enables interaction with a SMUX subagent.  
> In order to recieve view the Dell subtree you've got to 
> create a "view" and give access to it.  `man` is your friend.

Thank you very much. This was just the sort of information I was looking for. I was just having trouble working out which bit of TFM to R...

Incidentally, I've now got the om* command line tools working on Debian (by the expedient of installing to a Red Hat partition, and then copying /usr/lib/dell across and making a few symlinks - it's just the installation script that doesn't work. Could Dell be persuaded to make these tools available in a tar file of /usr/lib/dell? I know you can download a tar file already, but that contains the same as the CD and needs Red Hat to run the installation script.

Thanks again, Simon

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