Reistallation of RH 7.3 2.4.18-4 on a Power Edge 2600

Giovanni Onida onida at
Tue Jan 21 08:28:00 CST 2003

last month we bought three  PE 2600 with 2 Xeon 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 
3x36GB 15.000 rpm disks with perc/4 RAID 0 option, and a PV100T 20/40 GB
DDS4 tape each, with preinstalled RedHat 7.3 - Kernel 2.4.18-4.

Unfortunately one of them had a defective disk, which has now been
replaced by Dell. However, since we got a  RAID0, we have lost all 
the preinstalled stuff.

At page  1.1 of the  "Installation Instructions" (P/N 7X008 Rev. A00)
an "errata kernel" warns about the fact that "Dell preintalled version
2.4.18-4 on your system. This version resolves the ext3 file system issues
with the version 2.4.18-3 kernel on the operating system CD that came with
your system. Dell recommends that you use the version 2.4.18-4 or later of
the kernel."

My question is: what would you advise as the cleanest way to proceed,
in order to restore the configuration originally preinstalled by Dell?
In particular, can we use the Server Assistant CD (P/N 8U142
Rev. A00) that came with the system, install the (buggy) kernel 2.4.18-3,
and then update (and how?) to 2.4.18-4 ?
Reading Christopher McCrory response to Darren's question, it seems that
the good procedure is just: 

> install CD ; follow menus ; reboot ; setup up2date ; run up2date
> (include kernel update)

is this right, or are there other options? I also have a tar on tape
created with "tar cvfl /dev/st0  / ".

Please notice that I am a novice to Dell servers, but i have some
experience with Linux.

I made the above question to Dell technical support in Italy, but did not
get an answer yet.

Thank you, and all the best,


Giovanni Onida
INFM - Milano (Italy)

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