request for comment: your experiences with X6XX servers

jason andrade jason at
Mon Jan 20 21:12:00 CST 2003

I should have added (a couple of people asked this!) that i don't have
a problem treating the response as "confidential".

The summary was going to be reasonably generic anyway.  It was more aimed at

o getting a variety of feedback to pass constructive criticism back to Dell
  to help improve the Linux support and commit more resources to the
  engineering group that Matt/Amit/Joshua/Steve/Michael/etc belong to.

o hoping to avoid the same mistakes being made on revisions to existing
  servers or new ones.

o get a base line idea of how the current generation of servers are
  performing out in the real world.

o identify if there are any standout servers in the performance/reliability
  sweetspots for admins/managers making upcoming purchase decisions.



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