request for comment: your experiences with X6XX servers

jason andrade jason at
Mon Jan 20 17:39:00 CST 2003


I'm putting together an article/summary on people's experiences with
the "current" range of Dell servers.

I've privately had a number of conversations but i'm after some more
observations from people to round this out (well, get a bigger sample
rate..) before i publish.

I am looking at experiences with any of the following:

PE 1650		1RU enterprise server
PE 2650		2RU enterprise server
PE 4600		4RU tower enterprise server
PE 6600		6RU tower enterprise server
PE 6650		4RU enterprise server

In addition, i'd welcome feedback on the "other" current (non related/
different) families:

PE 350		1RU entry level server
PE 1655MC	3RU blade server
PE 8450		7RU enterprise server
PE 500SC	3RU entry level tower server
PE 600SC	3RU entry level tower server

What am i looking for:

o your opinion on the build quality of the current servers
o reliability
o dell support on the new hardware
o linux support/experiences (redhat/suse/slackware etc)

anything else you'd like to contribute.

Please mail me directly and don't reply to list.  I will forward a summary
of responses back to the list.



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