Dell Open Manager - hardware monitoring

Christina Dunlop cdunlop at
Thu Jan 16 14:50:00 CST 2003


I am having a problem with a Linux server we are monitoring via snmp. The
server is a PowerEdge 1650, Linux V7.3. I have tried
posting on the Dell Talk site but without success. This is not the only
server that we are having problems. Here is the problem I posted on Dell
Talk to explain what the issues we are having:

"I am still having problems with a few Dell 1650, 2450, 2550 Linux servers
(7.0, 7.2, 7.3 RH) with regards to monitoring via snmp. Once the dell RPMs
are installed (dellomsa-4.70-3613, dell-drivers-4.70-3613,
ServerAdministrator-1.0-0) I had to uninstall the ucd-snmp4.1.2.rpm and
compile a newer version of ucd-snmp (V4.2.6). When I compiled ucd-snmp I did
a ./configure --with-mib-modules="smux" --prefix=/usr and I had to edit the
/etc/init.d/snmp/snmpd.conf to ensure the correct snmpd.conf file is used.
All seemed to be working well, I was able to poll for the server hardware
status and receive traps from the server. But after about a couple of weeks
the dell software seems to choke and I am unable to poll the server. I had
to restart the dellomsa processes and ucd-snmp. Also the dcstor32d process
will hang and will not stop nicely on the server (/usr/sbin/dcstor32d stop,
or kill PID#). "

What the monitored servers have in common is: the dell rpm versions,
ucd-snmp version, and the most current ESM, BIOS versions. 
I have checked bugzilla on redhat and seen issues concerning the older
versions of ucd-snmp, but it is the Dell processe dcstore32d that fails and
we are unable to poll for the server hardware.
Any help concerning this issue would be appreciated.


Christina Dunlop
Q9 Networks Inc. 

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