2650 - tg3 on 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp rh7.3

Eric Swenson eric at reaction-eng.com
Wed Jan 15 19:31:00 CST 2003

My 4600 with 2.5GB, RH8.0, 2.4.18-19.8.0smp, connected to a gigabit port still 
dies when I try it with tg3.  I can't afford for this machine to crash again 
with experimental drivers, so I'd still recommend the bcm5700 driver for now 
(zero crashes in the last couple of weeks since I switched to bcm5700, 
compared to ~1/day with tg3).

$.02.  Don't be tempted by the dark side of experimental drivers unless you 
can afford for the box to go down.

Jeff, thanks for spending so much time on this issue.  I look forward to 
seeing your latest, (hopefully) stable tg3 driver in a future rh8 errata...


On Wednesday 15 January 2003 15:11, Jacek Radajewski wrote:
> One of my boxes crashed within hours of upgrading to 2.4.18-19-7 then
> nothing for two weeks ... I had another 2 crashes over the past 3 days so I
> changes all my tg3 drivers to bcm5700 ... so far so good.
> not sure id it is tg3 or not but something is killing my linux boxes.
> i left one of the devel boxes running tg3 with a serial console on another
> machine.  If I get an opps I'll mail it here.
> Jacek Radajewski
> Will the tg3 module work, has anyone experienced crashes with this one
> under 7.3? Is there anything special I need to concider? I can't afford an
> crash due to faulty drivers.

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