2650 - tg3 on 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp rh7.3

Frank H. Pierce frank.pierce at uib.no
Wed Jan 15 14:15:41 CST 2003

We got a 2650 with 2x1.8Ghz just before xmas.
I wouldn't use the tg3 driver. I've tried both RH 7.3 and now 8.0 with  
2.4.18-19.8.0smp the. With the tg3 driver the 2650 went down in under  
24h. I now use the bcm5700 driver and it works fine. The server is not  
put in production yet but as far as I can tell it's ok.

As for Hyperthreading I was told by some that I should disable it but  
after this article
I'm not so sure
On onsdag, jan 15, 2003, at 19:22 Europe/Oslo, lars at levonline.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm installing a dual Xenon 2650 and I've read a lot on the list about
> the Broadcom gigabit ethernet and crashes.
> This server will be used as an emergency replacement of an old nfs  
> server
> running on an 2500, and as such I can't afford any problems with the  
> network
> cards. I have an spare eepro100 card that I can use, but I would love  
> to use
> the gigabit interface since I have an gigabit port on the switch.
> It will be running the following software
> 	Red Hat 7.3 with all errata patches
> 	Redhat kernel 2.4.18-19.7.xsmp
> I/O usage will be high.
> Will the tg3 module work, has anyone experienced crashes with this one  
> under
> 7.3? Is there anything special I need to concider? I can't afford an  
> crash due
> to faulty drivers.
> Is there any gain in using hyperthreading that seems to be enabled by  
> default?
> Should I disable it?
> /Lars
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