PowerEdge 2600 and Advanced Server Linux / Oracle9i

gp gpar007 at postmark.net
Wed Jan 15 13:48:00 CST 2003

I have the same experience with Dell. Fortunately there are guys at Dell 
who are so concern with their product. They agreed to replace my PE2600 
with out any cost at all on our part  with a PE4600. First thing I did was 
to request that they replace my account manager who did not know how to 
sell Dell products. Muhammed Khan Lead Engineer for Oracle Solutions  of 
Dell is a  great guy he and all of them in his division  pulled strings for 
me to have our server replaced. I am now a happy camper. Matt you are one 
of those great guys at Dell because your answers in this mailing list are 
so quick I knew I was in in trouble when I posted my email and got an 
answer immediately after. Red Hat engineers even depend on your emails. My 
return would not have been possible with out the approval of Trey McCall 
who was so cordial and helpful. You are all great guys. Thanks. Have a 
great day.


>linux-poweredge at dell.com

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