SuSE 8.1, PE2550, aacraid, spontaneous reboots

Patrick Torney pktorney at
Tue Jan 14 15:37:01 CST 2003


I am new to this list and I'm hoping I can find an
answer to a very mysterious problem. 

I have 2 PE2550's running the exact same h/w config. 

PIII 1266Mhz w/512MB RAM
Perc 3/di raid running 3x 36Gig drives. RAID 5

SUSE 8.1 kernel 2.4.19
  source: k_deflt-2.4.19-74.i586.rpm

My quandry is similar to another article that I found
on this list referring to a similar problem with a
PE2650 box on the same aacraid driver. The
instructions looked promissing. It said to upgrade to
kernel k_smp-2.4.19-163.i586.rpm and later said to run
'rpm -Uvh k_smp.rpm'.

Well, I followed theinstructions as best I could given
the differences in our systems. When I went to RPM
install the new kernel, it gave me all sorts of
conflicting messages. I'm thinking it's partially b/c
my box has only a single CPU. But what do I know? I'm
generally an intermediate newbie at this. 

Anyway, I said I have 2 boxes. Well, I have one box
that Installed successfully just fine the first time.
I was upgrading from RedHat 7.2 which came factory
installed from DELL. It went just fine. But, I wanted
to use it in production so I patched it running the
YOU update, and although it did spontaneously reboot
at the end of that update process, I haven't had any
reboot problems since. Well, I then upgrade my other
box to suse 8.1 thinking I'm going to have the same
ease as I had with the other box. Again, it was
factory installed with RH  7.2 and I want to go SuSE
8.1. But, the darndest thing... 

I did get it to run stable the very first time, but
then to my horror, after I ran the YOU update the
first time, I started having the spontaneous reboot
problems ever since. And I have re-ran new setups over
and over again without success. It simply won't let me
run SUSE 8.1 on this new box with aacraid, no matter
how many times I do the setup under any configuration

Am I on crack?  Is there a fix? Later kernel perhaps?
Please any help would be most welcomed.

Patrick Torney

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