1650 power consumption.

Fairbank, Graham P. gfairbank at cct.org
Tue Jan 14 10:49:01 CST 2003

The PE4600 is a little bit of a different animal, so far as I
understand.  My PE4600 has 4 Power supplies that are always on, and
presumable sharing the load.  Those two power supplies connect to the
output of an AC power switch which has two power cords coming out of it.
It also has indicator lights showing which cord it is drawing power

This is different from the conventional dual power supply setup, and
yes, in my experience the clamp meter is the way to go, and yes, both
ps' will draw power in the conventional setup.

Graham fairbank

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On 14 Jan 2003, Christopher McCrory wrote:
> > have you checked this with both supplies in your measurements ? i
have been
> > informed by dell thatthe power supplies are indeed "live" (i.e equal
> Woh there little buddy.  This is exactly opposite I what I have been
> told.  I asked the same thing on this list several months ago.  THe
> answer was "one hot, one not"

According to my recent measurements with a "P4400 KILL-A-WATT"
(fun little Volt/Amp/Watt/KWH meter, p3international.com) only 
one of the two power supplies on a PE4600 is live at a time.

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