Examining flashing yellow power light without shutting down server?

Tue Jan 14 10:22:00 CST 2003

The power light on my PowerEdge 2540 has been flashing yellow for the past month now. It doesn't seem to affect performance, and since this is my organization's main web server, I'm reluctant to shut it down. I read in the archives how this is commonly the results of a blown power supply, failed fan or bad disk. I was wondering, though, if there was some way to dump some memory area or something to find the cause or a diagnostic code which would identify the cause. I'm thinking of something like the dmidecode software which I've found so useful in the past.

Can anyone suggest anything like this?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

-Kevin Zembower

E. Kevin Zembower
Unix Administrator
Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communications Programs
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD  21202

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