Install & Boot from CERC ATA100 with Debian

Christopher Barry cbarry at
Tue Jan 14 01:16:01 CST 2003

	I think you're gonna need an initrd setup (it may already be one - if
so, can you get the megaraid on the initial install disk so it gets
copied to the system?) -or- build a kernel on another box with the
driver built-in and put that in your install floppy. Also, make sure you
put lilo in the MBR. I'd like to hear of your progress in this matter.

Good Luck

Another Debian User...


On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 00:31, Geoffrey J. Krapf wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a PowerEdge 600SC with the CERC ATA100/4CH IDE RAID controller.
> Attached to the controller are two 40 GB IDE drives in a single mirrored
> logical drive.  They're the only drives in the system, and thus I must
> boot from them.  This card uses the megaraid driver.
> I'm using Debian (Woody) and got it to install using the bf24 image
> (standard 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel) and supplying the megaraid.o driver from a
> floppy.  The module was loaded, the controller detected, the drive
> partitioned, base image installed, etc. etc.  All looked good until I
> rebooted for the base config step.
> When I rebooted, I couldn't get a LILO prompt or any indication of a
> problem.  The system simply stopped after the RAID card finished its
> self-check/detection phase, at the point where normally you'd see a LILO
> prompt or the dmesg output or -something-.   The hard drives made that
> short, low-pitched noise like they were about to start booting, but then
> nothing.   Not even any BIOS-level error message.
> I checked BIOS options, and indeed, I had the add-in RAID device specified
> as the boot device.  I tried the installation again, but nothing changed.
> Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance!
> - Geoff Krapf
> - geoffx at
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