1650 power consumption.

Philip Rowlands phr at doc.ic.ac.uk
Mon Jan 13 21:53:01 CST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Steve Mickeler wrote:

>Can anyone let me know the average current utilized by a dell 1650 with 2
>power supplies ?
>2 x 275W power supplies = 550W

The power supplies are 1+1, i.e. you have one "hot" and one spare. They
will not both draw full current at the same time.

>2.5 amps * 40 servers in a rack = 100 amps

Nope. The quoted current is the absolute maximum the server will draw
when loaded up with CPUs, memory, hard disks, USB peripherals etc.

The actual load will be much less, but the exact amount depends on what
you have in the server. You need to measure.

This is my rough table of measurements (posted previously). YMMV.

I took the following measurements with a clamp meter, on a UK power
supply (240V). All computers have one processor and one hard disk, no
extra cards.

PE1650 off              0.1     (off = power connected, system off)
PE1650 inrush           0.6     (inrush = greater draw for motor spinup)
PE1650 POST             0.4     (power on self test)
PE1650 HDD spinup       0.5     (when SCSI detection spins disks)
4xPE1650 startup peak   1.8

Extrapolating, you could run 38 servers on ~17 amps UK, or ~35 amps US.
Extra CPUs, hard drives or PCI cards will raise these, of course. A
clamp meter is an inexpensive addition to your toolkit.



P.S. That BayTech switch is exactly what I need to buy. Thanks for the

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