"tg3_stop_block timed out" problem

Chaskiel M Grundman cg2v at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 13 17:12:01 CST 2003

--On Monday, January 13, 2003 14:29:18 -0800 "Brian J. Smith-Sweeney"
<bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu> wrote:

> 	 tg3: tg3_stop_block timed out, ofs=2400 enable_bit=2
I've seen it more often than I'd like to....

This is the _only_ problem I've ever had with the tg3 module on my
hardware, and I've been using it off an on since 0.97. (That's not exactly
true. sometimes machines would hang hard after displaying the message, but
that hasn't happened since I upgraded to 1.0 or maybe 1.2) 
I didn't find any helpful mailing list messages when I looked either.

Unfortunately, my experiences aren't likely to be of help to most people.
My machines run a strange environment: a customized redhat 6.2, and stock
2.4 kernels. 
I recently came to the conclusion that the thing that was triggering this
problem most often was pump, redhat's dhcp client, because it bounces the
interface down and then right back up when configuring the nic with the
address recieved from the dhcp server. other dhcp clients don't do that, so
that is unlikely to be the cause of anyone else's problem

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