PowerEdge 2600 and Advanced Server Linux / Oracle9i

Nicolas_Pujol@Dell.com Nicolas_Pujol at Dell.com
Mon Jan 13 12:35:00 CST 2003

Thanks for your interest in Oracle & Dell - you made the right vendors'
choice. Most of our PowerEdge servers are qualified to run Linux Advanced
Server as well as Oracle9i... the issue you are running into is that the
PowerEdge 2600 is one of the few models that is not on the list of supported
servers for Linux 2.1 AS, and there is no firm date as to when this will
happen, probably in late spring of this year. We are constantly working on
ensuring that customers and Dell representatives exchange information on
which OS will be loaded on a server during the sales process, so that we can
sell you the right PowerEdge model for your intended usage. 
Hopefully you are within 30 days of purchase and if so, you should be able
to return this server and purchase instead a server that supports Linux
Advanced Server 2.1, such as the PE2650 or 4600, which are the closest
comparable models to the PE2600. Note that the PE4600 is also qualified as
an "Oracle9i Certified Configuration" where we provide installation tools
and joint support, 24x7, on the hardware, OS, and warm transfer into Oracle
support. Make sure your Dell representative adds the Oracle & OS SKU (part
number) to the order if you choose this option. 
Here are some links to help in your research: 
*	http://www.dell.com/us/en/esg/topics/segtopic_servers_oraclemain.htm
<http://www.dell.com/us/en/esg/topics/segtopic_servers_oraclemain.htm>  for
certified configurations. 
upport.htm>  for the support matrices to find more information on supported
servers and storage options. 
Best regards, 
Nicolas Pujol
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From: Rick Root [mailto:rick.root at duke.edu]
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Subject: PowerEdge 2600 and Advanced Server
So, I've just gotten my new Dell PowerEdge 2600 server in, on which we
intend to run Oracle 9iR2 and RedHat Advanced Server 2.1... currently
we're running on an old Proliant 3000 so this will be a nice upgrade.
Turns out Dell won't provide me any support for RHAS because the
machine is only certified for RH7.3 and 8.0.  $#@$ THAT!  If they
really want to support Linux in the Enterprise, they need to support
Enterprise versions of Linux.
Anyway, the megaraid driver that I downloaded from Dell's web site
doesn't seem to do the trick... it loads the driver, but when I go
through the installation process, it tells me there are no drives attached.
I configured my RAID card so when I boot it says I have two logical
drives (2 physicals in RAID-1 and 3 physicals in RAID-5).  But RHAS
doesn't see it.
Anyone have any suggestions?
  - Rick Root
    Duke University
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