Surviving H/W RAID troubles

Shaw, Marco Marco.Shaw at
Mon Jan 13 06:06:00 CST 2003

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> If the drive is failed you can just yank the HDD. Do a 
> enclosure show slot to get a status of the slot. If it is I/R 
> Ready then you can remove the drive.

OK, so between a combination of seeing "I/R" or "slot prepare", what are the
steps to rebuild the array?

If the drive failed, and I suppose the LED on it is orange, then just plug
in a good one in it's place, and voila: the array rebuilds itself?  And the
similar goes for the the "slot prepare" is run?  I assume that once you turn
power off to a slot, then you must reinstate it, and maybe additional steps
for the array to rebuild itself with the new drive?

Sorry, only 3 drives in the system all part of a RAID5: no hot-spares. :-(

(My life/job depends on me having these systems back up in under 2 hours. Of course
I realize that one drive failing does not render the system useless...)


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