Surviving H/W RAID troubles

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If the drive is failed you can just yank the HDD. Do a enclosure show
slot to get a status of the slot. If it is I/R Ready then you can remove
the drive.



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> Once you know you have good backups, my methodology with dell 
> hardware raid is:
> o log a support call to dell and get the replacement drive
> o check the replacement drive is the correct one from dell
> o identify the failed disk using afacli or megamon
> o check again to make sure
> o turn off power to the slot if it is an onboard disk (ref: afacli)
> o remove the failed drive and replace it with the new drive
> o verify the new disk is visible and the volume is rebuilding.


Didn't know afacli could "turn the power off to a slot".  Now, if I say
the disks are on a Dell 1650 with a PERC 3/Di RAID controller, does that
change anything?  I'll obviously have to RTFM some more.

Thanks for your input.


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